Name Description Funds
The Great Library of Peercoin Human Knowledge and Expression on the Blockchain 792.00 PPC Details
Peercoin Wisdom A website that expands dialog and ideas shared between community developers, researchers and the public. 743.10 PPC Details
peercoin-POSCalculator Proof of Stake (POS) reward calculator for Peercoin (PPC) 695.19 PPC Details
primecoin Primecoin - First Scientific Computing Cryptocurrency 293.53 PPC Details
peer4commit Donate peercoins to open source projects or make commits and get tips for it. 156.51 PPC Details
prime4commit Donate primecoins to open source projects or make commits and get tips for it. 57.62 PPC Details Web files for 19.66 PPC Details
peercoin-faucet Peercoin website to give free peercoins 3.17 PPC Details
popcorn-app To allow any computer user to watch movies easily streaming from torrents, without any particular knowledge. 2.06 PPC Details
twister-core twister core / daemon 1.68 PPC Details
popcorn-app Popcorn Time 1.32 PPC Details
snow 0.99 PPC Details
bkchaind Blockchain explorer daemon, developed for backend 0.99 PPC Details
Antox Android client for the Tox project 0.79 PPC Details
peerchain A minimal parser for the peercoin blockchain 0.20 PPC Details
coinmap Map showing places where you can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin and Primecoin 0.02 PPC Details
Fork Skyhook, the open-source sub-$1000.00 Bitcoin ATM for Peercoin Sub $1000 BTC ATM to be altered to add Peercoin 0.02 PPC Details
Bounties for Peercoin translations (CLOSED) Fund to provide bounties for translations on, peerunity wallet and peercoin whitepaper 0.01 PPC Details
[Abandoned] Peercoin merged mining It will not be implemented, do not donate. 0.01 PPC Details
Peercoin Android Wallet (Derived From Andreas Schildbach's Wallet) A functioning Peercoin wallet for Android, allowing for the sending and receiving of coins, using a centralised validation model. 0.01 PPC Details
[PARS] Peercoin Advanced Relay Subnet The Peercoin Advanced Relay Subnet (PARS) is a subnet of the peercoin network that can mint non-standard transactions without forking the peercoin chain. 0.01 PPC Details
Peercoin-Marketing-Video Project primarily created to raise funds to create a video promoting Peercoin (funded) 0.01 PPC Details
PeercoinArmory Python-Based Bitcoin Software 0.01 PPC Details
Peercoin-Solar-Highway-Fundraiser Fundraiser for Indiegogo Solar Highway (ended) 0.01 PPC Details
PHPCoinAddress PHP code to generate Pub and Priv keys for bitcoin, peercoin and many other coins 0.01 PPC Details
Peerbox DEPRECATED 0.01 PPC Details News info and latest offerings from Peercoin and Peershares 0.01 PPC Details
Peercoin - History of the First Year A book based solely on the first year of Peercoin 0.00 PPC Details
Peercointalk Forum Fund used to carry out work on the forum like a redesign, adding new features, server, domain and hosting costs 0.00 PPC Details
omniwallet Mastercoin Hybrid Web-Wallet (Peercoin / altcoin addition) 0.00 PPC Details