Recipient Reason Address Amount Percentage
sigmike Commit f293af91cc:
Fix invalid transactions with peercoin 0.6
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 2.87 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit e210955dce:
Add missing migration
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 2.90 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit a3fef3d6fd:
Update vulnerable gems
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 2.93 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 40b3df20a5:
Remove pg deprecation warning
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 2.96 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 063ccc0923:
Remove deprecation warning
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 2.99 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit ed959305d1:
Display date of each deposit
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.02 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 182e4bb8dd:
Fix test failing randomly because of order
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.05 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 9219949b4b:
Update gems
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.08 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit f589764597:
Fix warnings
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.11 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 8c74d13cc2:
Update ruby version in README
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.15 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit d1e5ea7624:
Updated some gems
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.18 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 8af2c92a76:
Handle missing user in comments
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.21 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit b892ed299a:
handle new github error
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.24 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 8734dd0005:
do not load addthis or google analytics in test
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.27 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 71f1f653c3:
Do not send 0 amount
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.31 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 05e6092851:
Updated cucumber
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.34 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 3253abd31a:
replaced PPC by XPM
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.38 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit fb5ac2e236:
Do not distribute to unknown users
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.41 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 30781b2a59:
Removed ability to send to an email address
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.44 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit b517544107:
Fixed tests
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.48 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit eae5347734:
Do not create user acconts automatically
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.51 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 607823e67f:
Add awesome_print gem
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.55 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 61440592b9:
Fix donation to multiple projects in a single transaction
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.58 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 7e988078c9:
Handle 'Repository access blocked' error
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.62 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 5f1348fd93:
Load addthis with https
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.66 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 463a15cec0:
Fix non-working amount validation
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.69 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 298761307c:
Mark failed distributions on project page
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.73 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit a5ff54e5a3:
Do not expect non processed distributions
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.77 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 54a0f7272c:
Update sqlite3 and poltergeist gems
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.81 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit b843123414:
Update turbolinks
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.85 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit e02336ceb7:
Update javascript to the new turbolinks
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.89 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 91499e2e03:
Ignore test screenshots
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.92 PPC 0.2%
sigmike Commit 2858b39a5b:
Fix phantomjs problem with cached content
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 3.96 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 65c753919b:
Clear mock auth after login
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.00 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit ca288d521c:
Fix distribution amount check with refunded tips
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.04 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit ac0c2243f0:
Downgrade mime-types to support Ruby 1.9
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.09 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit d3a869e557:
Update all gems
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.13 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 387f6763a7:
Downgrade bootstrap form
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.17 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 3c4a331f1a:
Downgrade gem to support 1.9
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.21 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit d6b02111be:
Increase minimum ruby version
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.25 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 9a56969b26:
Add ruby version
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.30 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 61d4d58edf:
Update Rails to 4.1
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.34 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 83b6c583f9:
Prevent error on invalid repository names
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.38 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit ce8a0b2fba:
Upgrade Rails to 4.2 and Devise to 4.2
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.43 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 3fea907dc5:
Use https to clone repositories
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.47 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 959171e67f:
Fix random tip ordering
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.52 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 445ec32e42:
Unshorten dates
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.56 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 832f641cf8:
Update explorers
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.61 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit e2fdd6e26d:
display identifier instead of email
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.66 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 2ba2e51dee:
added development instructions
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.70 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit dd5311a42a:
converted rdoc syntax to markdown
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.75 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 878125718a:
fixed code blocks
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.80 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit efc357e707:
fixed error on tips page
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.85 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 9aa7d8fd87:
ignore blocked repositories
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.90 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 017f2ed57b:
Handle already confirmed email
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.94 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 2f7fe61e64:
Screenshot on failing scenario
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 4.99 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 122f60f0bf:
Assign unique identifier to each user
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.05 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 4e6a6a9501:
Distribute to a specific user
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.10 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 066e5a3c07:
Autolink in detailed description
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.15 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit afe07e130e:
Use markdown to display tipping policies
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.20 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 915d25b747:
Display name in audit page
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.25 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 7c113329db:
Method to merge 2 users
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.31 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 4f49962ecf:
Do not record changes on ignored changes
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.36 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit d3e1eb2a51:
Removed github id from database
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.41 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 203f59b097:
Changing repository does not break tip for commit
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.47 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit d73c62e6b6:
Create commits even when there's no deposit
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.52 PPC 0.3%
sigmike Commit 0bdd61320d:
Added future plans to the FAQ
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.58 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 5baae9f8d1:
Added suggestions made by mhps and Cybnate
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.64 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit afc70cc01c:
Updated FAQ
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.69 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 47bc974780:
Only record changes when the state changed
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.75 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 47aafa91e4:
IE8 fixes
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.81 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 329e1a351b:
Note about multisignature and decentralization
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.87 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 376c214b10:
Removed useless ERB syntax
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.93 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 6fd437ec32:
Fixed layout on Firefox
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 5.99 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 9f24be3a2d:
Added margin to circles
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.05 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 612674c777:
Better project show with empty items
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.11 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit c18cdfcd00:
Works with duplicate nickname
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.17 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 6899ebfeba:
Center home panels
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.23 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 7dec2f9fe3:
Do not overwrite name and image
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.29 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 49f0d20700:
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.36 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 334e99aa59:
Allow email users to create and manage projects
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.42 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit e28ed306c5:
Display fundraiser
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.49 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 8b16011b95:
Display project list on user page
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.55 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit f9815d96ca:
Fixed invalid check on project balance
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.62 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 1465621f12:
Fixed invalid check on project balance
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.69 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 08ac07458b:
Better distribution button positions
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.75 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 62676169a2:
removed donate panel on project show
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.82 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit c30111c9f7:
Hide send email button when action is not authorized
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.89 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit a513ea65fa:
hide pre block when commit message is missing
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 6.96 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit c19c5e49e0:
Reset confirmation token when request is sent
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.03 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit fde53c6f70:
Fixed page titles
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.10 PPC 0.4%
sigmike Commit 65251a0dee:
Donor can provide a return address when they send
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.17 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit f95ae8051a:
Some text improvements
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.24 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit e31c447d42:
fixed ie gradients
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.32 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 24bf60dfb3:
Background for browsers not supporting gradients
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.39 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 6964e206f0:
Updated FAQ
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.47 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit fe8bfee760:
Integrated new design
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.54 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit facfc1d1e5:
skip tips without user
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.62 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 1c8899824d:
fixed font url
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.70 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 9e7d7071b7:
font fallback
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.77 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 383459d48d:
better wording
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.85 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit d38f04dbe9:
Started new FAQ
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 7.93 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit cb168873e4:
Replaced papertrail with custom implementation that stores record states
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 8.01 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 96522d58a8:
Added separator
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 8.09 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 006f380f2d:
Validate fund availability early
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 8.17 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 04038e28ae:
Only ignore rewarded commits
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 8.26 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 14b3df61cf:
Do not add commits rewarded through the old system
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 8.34 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 2d251cc871:
Renamed origin to reason
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 8.42 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 68cd627e91:
The comment is now a free reason text
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 8.51 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 0b933b8298:
Validate tip reason
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 8.59 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 3de09cb6bf:
Render old tips with commit as reason
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 8.68 PPC 0.5%
sigmike Commit 66eb04fc47:
Projects are commentable
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 8.77 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit 5bcfcd3a20:
Distribution commentable
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 8.86 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit 613b8137e5:
User commentable
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 8.95 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit 2252a0206e:
Comment button style
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 9.04 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit 7405958084:
Better distribution form
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 9.13 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit 67ced85993:
Added button to reward commit authors
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 9.22 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit 608980f7bd:
upgraded bootstrap forms
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 9.31 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit a5a0fdae58:
Replaced single recipient input by multiple panels
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 9.41 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit 386909dd5c:
Autocomplete commits
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 9.50 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit f8e93ff0fe:
Autocomplete GitHub usernames
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 9.60 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit 00ba120781:
No block on details button
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 9.70 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit 92e8c264a1:
Project list cleanup
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 9.79 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit e103c80f25:
Refactored tip form
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 9.89 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit 6336b52ec0:
Can remove distribution line
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 9.99 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit 100a5ff80e:
Can set undecided amount
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 10.09 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit bef14aaa7a:
Cannot send undecided tips
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 10.20 PPC 0.6%
sigmike Commit a4f2b1640d:
Can add comment to distribution line
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 10.30 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit 425cd182e8:
Added paper trail to projects, distributions and tips
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 10.40 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit ce761ee15d:
Users must confirm their email
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 10.51 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit d287100ce7:
Confirmation handled properly when users are notified
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 10.61 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit 18d61a567f:
New project redirects to the right login page
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 10.72 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit fa9312db81:
Better sign in form
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 10.83 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit 7f40af0fcb:
Better project index
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 10.94 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit 230ac097a2:
Can create multiple projects on the same GitHub project
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 11.05 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit f17a986fda:
Better views
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 11.16 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit 993c237607:
Better distribution form
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 11.27 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit 979479e7f8:
Better loading of suggestions
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 11.39 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit 2736ea76bc:
Suggestions in columns
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 11.50 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit e09de98d2b:
Fixed feature
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 11.62 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit 57d4aaeb2b:
Recipient links to user page
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 11.74 PPC 0.7%
sigmike Commit fa700dc2b1:
Better user form
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 11.85 PPC 0.8%
sigmike Commit 8dc2236ab7:
Send to an unknown email address
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 11.97 PPC 0.8%
sigmike Commit 7159ef55b3:
Removed letters gem
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 12.10 PPC 0.8%
sigmike Commit 9b2c07ee9a:
Can edit distribution
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 12.22 PPC 0.8%
sigmike Commit 2b703f3413:
Send to known email address
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 12.34 PPC 0.8%
sigmike Commit 108add7e60:
Pending step
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 12.47 PPC 0.8%
sigmike Commit ad74c676f5:
Better views
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 12.59 PPC 0.8%
sigmike Commit c8c6dcc552:
Project actions in information panel
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 12.72 PPC 0.8%
sigmike Commit 3c669c0b89:
Added letters gem
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 12.98 PPC 0.8%
sigmike Commit b8baae48f5:
Fixed crash when sent without date
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 13.11 PPC 0.8%
sigmike Commit b445e781ef:
Everyone can see projects and distributions
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 13.24 PPC 0.8%
sigmike Commit 5042b9aad3:
Removed useless parts in project page
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 13.37 PPC 0.8%
sigmike Commit ad91380ee4:
Removed unused client side QR code generation
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 13.51 PPC 0.9%
sigmike Commit e9973fc860:
Only send error to Airbrake if it's configured
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 13.65 PPC 0.9%
sigmike Commit b9f42d914d:
XHR access denied returns error 500
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 13.78 PPC 0.9%
sigmike Commit d7eb68c0ce:
Use poltergeist as test browser when javascript is needed
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 13.92 PPC 0.9%
sigmike Commit 6e5ad92474:
Fundraiser can send a distribution to registered GitHub users
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 14.06 PPC 0.9%
sigmike Commit 7f0e8fe0db:
Sending to multiple recipients works
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 14.21 PPC 0.9%
sigmike Commit 7825c63bfe:
Display available amount in the shield, instead of the 1%
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 14.35 PPC 0.9%
sigmike Commit ac23eb736b:
Handle distribution to user without an address set
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 14.49 PPC 0.9%
sigmike Commit 3a5a6943d8:
Renamed sendmany to distribution
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 14.64 PPC 0.9%
sigmike Commit cc07c781d0:
Renamed withdrawals controller to distributions controller
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 14.79 PPC 0.9%
sigmike Commit 7ea6694f79:
Generate donation address at project creation
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 14.94 PPC 0.9%
sigmike Commit 0f89a75b54:
Create user when distribute to an unknown email address
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 15.09 PPC 1.0%
sigmike Commit f2ba4840f9:
Send email request button
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 15.24 PPC 1.0%
sigmike Commit 79978ba834:
Users can create project not linked to GitHub
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 15.40 PPC 1.0%
sigmike Commit 56a5332edf:
Check that the old tip for commit still works on projects not holding tips
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 15.55 PPC 1.0%
sigmike Commit 42b9972ec3:
Common form in edit and new
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 15.71 PPC 1.0%
sigmike Commit e4b4d66cdd:
Better project show
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 15.87 PPC 1.0%
sigmike Commit 08cd93354c:
Ingnore move transactions
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 16.03 PPC 1.0%
sigmike Commit cba15b22aa:
Inverted wording of hold checkbox
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 16.19 PPC 1.0%
sigmike Commit 1c4c1e964a:
fixed missing user crash
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 16.35 PPC 1.0%
sigmike Commit b4d6acd4af:
fixed tip model when user has been deleted
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 16.52 PPC 1.0%
sigmike Commit a2459ccbfc:
Allow non url full_name
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 16.68 PPC 1.1%
sigmike Commit c93447ed7e:
Project collaborators can set a free amount on undecided tips
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 16.85 PPC 1.1%
sigmike Commit e3372951f2:
Better project show
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 17.02 PPC 1.1%
sigmike Commit ad75feb9d2:
Do not update project info from GitHub anymore
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 17.19 PPC 1.1%
sigmike Commit 164e6e6443:
Cleaned up project list
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 17.37 PPC 1.1%
sigmike Commit 5b6a551b32:
Added detailed description
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 17.54 PPC 1.1%
sigmike Commit 7070b6a6e7:
Render detailed description in markdown
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 17.72 PPC 1.1%
sigmike Commit d80297ac76:
Filter XSS attempt
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 17.90 PPC 1.1%
sigmike Commit 45ee3824c0:
Filter HTML
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 18.08 PPC 1.1%
sigmike Commit 455de38317:
Added extra sanitizer on markdown
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 18.26 PPC 1.2%
sigmike Commit f8c75260bf:
Allow images in detailed description
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 18.45 PPC 1.2%
sigmike Commit d422702a70:
Fixed features
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 18.63 PPC 1.2%
sigmike Commit ef812d153e:
email spec
PXtipNWtcKEruUqVU5q4Ti6XQrkm4RWERT 12.85 PPC 0.8%

Total amount: 1578.92 PPC

Transaction sent on Sat, 05 May 2018 08:10:07 +0000