An informational wallet client for iOS devices

This is just beginning for now, so stay tuned for updates.

Apple has various use policies that will prevent transferring PPC with the app, but a simple app that displays your balance will be fine.

Core features: Ability to add multiple (indefinite amount) wallets to the application to view balance and TX history. - Wallets added via manual entry or QR code

Integration with primary mining pool APIs (pools supported from list) - Those main pools that provide API access will allow the user to enter in their API code and view stats about their pool and miners depending on the feed of info available. - Potential for local notifications on events, e.g. finding new blocks, alert on confirmations etc.

Status: Layout and workflow complete Making UI/UX mockups

Tipping policies

As this is currently in planning, external work is on hold.

Once the initial commit is up, contributors tip will need to be decided on a commit basis based on the value of the commit. This is a small project, so the bulk of tips will be given for the bulk of the initial commits.

No tips will be given for spelling corrections or minor commits, this is the duty of the contributor.

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