Tips for Raspberry Pi Nodes

A fund to encourage new Peercoin nodes

Funds donated to this project will be distributed as tips for setting up Peercoin Raspberry Pi nodes, or used in related promotion. Details on how to qualify for a tip, as well as a list of past recipients, are available on the Peercointalk thread at

The purpose of this project is to encourage the use of Peercoin on Raspberry Pi, while also increasing the number of full nodes on the network.

Please note that the details of this project may change over time, for example: the amount given per tip, the type of node accepted, or the device running the node. Whether a node qualifies for a tip or not is at the discretion of the fundraiser(s). If there have been no new nodes in a significant period of time, or there are no available fundraisers to distribute tips, then closure of the project may occur. In such an event, funds will be returned to the donators if possible, or transferred to another Peercoin related project if no return address has been provided. Any changes will be discussed in the PeercoinTalk thread linked above.

Tipping policies

20 PPC tip per verified node. One tip per person.

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