- Donate Peercoin allows peercoin users to donate Peercoins to nonprofits.

Peercoin Link allows users to donate peercoins.

Peercoin Link was set up to allow users of the Peercoin cryptocurrency to donate to non-profits and useful services of their choice. To facilitate this, Peercoin Link used official addresses or generated new ones for individual services and gathered them together on this site.

In the case of addresses generated by Peercoin Link, once the balance on the address reaches 0.05PPC, a small fee (no more than 3%) is subtracted by us and the funds are forwarded to the relevant parties. This fee is essential for the running of our services. Donations are also appreciated through the main page.

We are always looking to develop our service, so if you want to add a service to donate to, then please email us with all the relevant details (official donation address included if applicable).

Tipping policies

Spelling corrections may not be tipped, as well as obvious tip-grabbing.

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