Peercoin Android Wallet (Derived From Andreas Schildbach's Wallet)

A functioning Peercoin wallet for Android, allowing for the sending and receiving of coins, using a centralised validation model.

This is an Android wallet based off the popular Bitcoin Android wallet made by Andreas Schildbach. It contains the same functions (as version 3.50) but uses a centralised block validation model instead of SPV due to problems validating the Proof-of-stake blocks. The central server provides valid block hashes over a secure HTTPS connection. Private keys are stored on the device and never shared with the central server.

Future development of the wallet may allow for pooled minting, where coins stored in the Android wallet can earn interest, however it will be recommended to store the bulk of coins outside of the Android wallet as the Android wallet would act best as a spending wallet and not as storage. If this pooled minting system was developed it could also be used on Desktop clients to earn interest faster than would otherwise be possible.

Tipping policies

Upon continued development of the wallet for:

  • Testnet version
  • Loading screen
  • Language Translations
  • Minting feature
  • Other features
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