Bounties for Peercoin translations

Fund to provide bounties for translations on, peerunity wallet and peercoin whitepaper

The target of this fund is to have, Peerunity and the Peercoin whitepaper translated in a number of languages that can be picked from the following:

  1. Mandarin
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Italian
  5. Hindi
  6. Tagalog
  7. Portugese
  8. Russian
  9. German
  10. Japanese
  11. Indonesian
  12. Swahili
  13. Arabic
  14. Swahili
  15. Arabic
  16. Korean
  17. Polish
  18. Romanian
  19. Greek
  20. Turkish
  21. Hausa
  22. Dutch
  23. Vietnamese
  24. Thai
  25. Swedish
  26. Czeck
  27. Klingon (!)

The assignment will be on first come first serve basis. Please check this thread on the forum first before you start translating: and contact @Glock in the thread.

For translation of peerunity you need an account with: (on hold)

For translations of you will need an account with: (on hold)

For translations of the Peercoin whitepaper please contact @cybnate on the Peercoin forum or chat first.

Tipping policies

The following bounties are available:

Full translation in one language = 20 PPC (on hold pending development new website)

Full Peerunity translation in one language = 10 PPC (on hold)

Peercoin whitepaper translation = 10 PPC (active)

Validation of translation = 2.5 PPC (active)

Or a percentage of that in case work has already been done: For example when Spanish translation for is already 50% completed, the bounty to complete the translation would be 50% of 20 PPC = 10 PPC. Check the above thread for the latest status of translations

To receive the bounty you need to have an account on peer4commit and provide your identity code.

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