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“Joe is world-famous Wordstar like text editor.” -- Sourcefrog

joe is the professional freeware ASCII text screen editor for UNIX®. It makes full use of the power and versatility of UNIX, but lacks the steep learning curve and basic nonsense you have to deal with in every other UNIX editor. jupp has the feel of most IBM PC text editors: The key sequences are reminiscent of WordStar and Turbo C. However, joe is much more powerful than those editors. joe has all of the features a UNIX user should expect: full use of termcap/terminfo, excellent screen update optimizations (joe is fully usable at 2400 baud), simple in‐ stallation, and all of the UNIX-integration features of vi. A number of reference cards are always available as online help in an intuitive, simple, and well thought-out user interface, with deferred screen update to handle typeahead, not bypassed by tty buffering. SELinux context copying is supported.

joe has a great screen update optimization algorithm, multiple windows (through/between which you can scroll) and lacks the confusing notion of named buffers. It has command history, tab expansion in file selection menus, undo and redo functions, (un)indenting and paragraph formatting, filtering highlighted blocks through any external Unix command, editing a pipe into or out of a command, and block move, copy, delete or filter; a rectangle selection and a picture drawing mode, and a mode to display whitespace as printable characters.

jupp is a customisation of joe which provides easy conversion for former PC users as well as powerfulness for programmers, while not doing annoying things “automagically” (word wrap, for example). It can also double as hex editor and comes with a character map (ASCII / 8-bit) plus Unicode support.

This is joe-3.x-jupp, a GNU GPL version 1 licenced fork of the current state-of-the-art JOE editor from Sourceforge, with Joe H. Allen himself starting development again after over eight years. The MirOS fork has added UTF-8 Support for non-LOCALE-aware operating systems (such as OpenBSD and older versions of MirOS), the “jupp” flavour, not doing tab comple‐ tion in the search and replace dialogues, as well as -Wall -Werror fixes, numerous bug, portability and security fixes. It also contains an extension to visibly display tabs and spaces, has a cleaned up, extended and beautified options menu, more CUA style keybindings, improved math functionality and a bracketed paste mode automatically used with XTerm.

Unix integration features: a marked block of text can be filtered through a UNIX command, and wherever jupp accepts a filename parameter, the following can also be used: !command : to redirect from or to another command >>filename : to append onto an existing file fn,start,size : to edit a part of a file or device - : to use standard input/output

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