Roll your own DAC

Peershares is the template for a DAC, this service will provide the functionality to create your own instance of Peershares with custom parameters

It was raised in this thread here for the desire to "Roll your own DAC"

Please donate to this project if you would like the ability to launch your own version of Peershares with custom configurable parameters. These parameters initially will be the ones defined in and some mentioned by members in the initial discussion thread.

A template of this can be seen here as work has already started!

At the click of the button your own version of Peershares will be generated and genesis block mined ready for you to launch. You will be presented with a custom github repo on a master account for generating all of these clones of Peershares (is the current idea)

Any questions feel free to raise in the thread linked at the top or PM Fuzzybear on peercointalk

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