Promoting / Developing PeerCoin in France.

Growing PeerCoin community in France.

Hi everybody,

My name is Benjamin, but who care ! I'm French, from France (woHa). Using CryptoCurrencies since few year, I was attracted by PeerCoin, the main problem is that PeerCoin is not really popular in France, so I would like to do the best for promoting PeerCoin.

So what I planned to do :

  • Use tips's to paid the future French board moderator on Peercointalk (they are hiring !).
  • Start a French website for PeerCoin community (I'm able to do that).
  • Start proposing goods and services witch can be pay using PeerCoin (On leboncoin, private website...).
  • Starting few Raspberry PeerCoin node to help and relay the network.

I have few other ideas, and yours will be welcome. I DO NOT WISH personal enrichment, I do not need money for myself. My Goal is to use yours tip's to develop PeerCoin community in France and increase is popularity !

From (near) Paris with love, PeerBoy ;)

Tipping policies

Not implemented for the moment. First we need to create a community, people if you love me, follow me ! Every people working with me in this fantastic challenge will be rewarded.

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Promote Promoting / Developing PeerCoin in France.

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