peercoin packaging

Create packages of peercoin software for various distributions

The scope of this project is:

  • initial creation/adaption of package Makefiles/scripts either in the software's repository or in the distributions repository.

  • maintainance tasks like compiling binary packages of new versions and keeping the necessary infrastructure running.

  • quality assurance to make the software fit for inclusion in official distribution repositories.

The goal is to make it easier for site operators and users to adopt peercoin.

Also if we manage to get peercoin into official distribution repositories, we will reach many new users who otherwise won't know about peercoin and proof-of-stake.

This project can be discussed in the forum:

Tipping policies

The amount spent on the individual tasks will depend on the funding of this project.

I won't pay anything to myself for project management, however I might pay something to myself for work on a task.

IMPORTANT: If you want to claim a reward, you should negotiate this with me before you start! If nobody is working on this particular task yet, we will agree how long it is reserved for you. OTOH if you complete some task that is reserved to somebody else, the reward will be paid to the owner, not you! If you don't complete the task within the agreed deadline, I might assign it to somebody else. (Will try to contact you, of course.)

There is an exception to this however: "quality assurance" also involves minor things like fixing spelling errors. For anything that I consider embarrasing enough there might be minor tips. But there is no point in negotiating about this before fixing it, so you just point me to the commit and I'll tip you or not tip you.

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