Thin client portable wallet to keep your PeerStuff safe.

Live demo version:

Test page to test your browser:


A thin client PPC wallet that is able to mint in browser.

Values convention over configuration. Coin control is done in savings accounts out of the box.

Includes a PeerAssets implementation.

Savings accounts use hardened keys (see BIP32) for extra security.

Checking accounts will never mint and therefore never lock your funds.

Creates addresses using BIP32 HD wallets, based on a single encrypted key that can be bookmarked.

Stores no unencrypted private keys on disk.

Private keys are never communicated over the internet.

Can run as a chrome/firefox app.

Can run as a desktop app using electron

Can run from a local folder.

Can be ported to native iOS and Android using react-native

Uses standard block explorers for all functionality except for getting stake modifiers.

Should never hard fork from the reference client.

Can mint on your phone!


Minting in browser, how is that possible?

To be able to mint, stake the modifiers and blocks need to be calculated before they can be minted. The blocks and stake modifiers will be exposed through a modified block explorer. This means that a centralization will happen similar to bitcoin mining pools. The idea is that multiple stake modifier and block providers will register their services through some kind of PeerAsset, wich will counter centralization.

Why are you doing this?

Multiple reasons:

  • I'm learing React ( and Livescript (

  • I believe that Peercoin is a sustainable coin that can survive the crypto bubble.

  • For PeerAssets to succeed, I believe it needs a simple to use wallet.

  • I'm working on a DAO that let's people trade simulations (of a specific type) where the DAO resolves conflict in case of disagreement. I need PeerAssets and a simple and extendable wallet for this.

Who are you, what is your track record?

  • I'm a thermo-mechanical engineer that got interested in software development.

  • I work as a technical software developer since 2011.

  • I contributed to several open-source project including ppcoin (fixed the unit tests):

  • I'm the creator/owner/chief whatever of finFoil:

Tipping policies

The tipped funds will be paid out only to accepted open source contributions in the github repository.

If styling work or other from non-developer contributors is included in the project, the non-developer will receive a fair share of the tips.

Right now the code is still closed source, so no payouts will be done until the code released.

Don't let this stop you from tipping, tips encourage the release of the code.

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