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I may not be in the right place as I don't have an actual project, but I do have a cause for which I need to raise Peercoin.

I'd like to start by saying I am not affiliated with PoSWallet except as a volunteer trying to raise donations for their faucets. seeks to help raise awareness of promising alternate currencies by providing users with a staking wallet and a faucet on various cryptocoins. The site receives more than 20,000 claims per month on its various faucets, so keeping those faucets funded is a difficult task. I volunteered to help the developer of by contacting developers and bag holders in order to acquire donations for the faucets on his site.

So here I am, asking for some Peercoin for the faucet on The faucet on this site is very popular and is therefore constantly running out of funds. I would love to raise a decent enough amount of Peercoin to allow the faucet to stay open for at least a month.

The faucet address is PWn9wJvdHitoYgCmawjJHHYR1RvWTKAHfm. You can verify the address (and therefore my story) at Just click on the DONATE TO FAUCET link under the Peercoin logo to verify the address.

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