ppcd : a peercoin btcd port update for 2018 (v0.6.1)

Port of Btcsuite alternative bitcoin node implementation written in Go to Peercoin. Needs funding (v0.6.1), thank you for your support.

The but is the continue the original project listed here : https://peer4commit.com/projects/130

Port some of the btcd packages to use Peercoin instead of Bitcoin.

Will facilitate Peercoin integration into the Open Transactions (OT) project (main goal).
Will allow Counterparty financial platform to be easily ported to Peercoin.
Will also facilitate Peercoin integration in exchanges or payment processors.

Must read: What are the benefits of using btcd instead of bitcoind?

Related forum thread: http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=3145

Project phases (draft)

Having ppcd running ok (mining optional) (being tested) (9000 PPC needed)
Having ppcwallet running ok (being tested) (7000 PPC needed)
Add minting to ppcwallet (being tested) (5000 PPC needed)

Advantages of Go language over C/C++

Integrated test infrastructure
Platform independent code
Simpler parallelism and excellent support for concurrency
No active memory management which leads to eliminating an entire class of the most common security vulnerabilities like buffer overflows
Built-in profiling and documentation facilities
Significantly faster compilation times
Standard formatting

For developers


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