Crosschain function

Developing crosschain function with DAG project

No bottlenecks, because it`s DAG. Smart contracts that are really smart in legal terms: invoice, escrow, DAO. Instant transactions.Possible transactions from source to as many accounts as desired at once. Transactions are visible as hashes only. Block size is 1GB and contain documents, pictures etc... The fixed low fee at 1 cent. We already have pilots signed with Governments and a lot of institutions. It is easy to develop on it and use it. Hacks are impossible as the critical rate is 91% while we keep 10% of nodes. All nodes are certified and do their work through data centers. It takes milliseconds for most complex transactions: i.e from one source to million accounts. We also have a cross-chain function with Ethereum in beta version. We developed smart money feature Malaysian government is currently using as the pilot. We hyper tokens with BTC and ETH which is even faster than atomic swap. Android and IOS wallets are getting developed. There is quite a lot of possibilities if we merge together trough cross-chain function. :)

According to your donations, developments will take place.

Partners in this effort are more than welcome!

Tipping policies

1000 individually is recommended but in all fairness, it is up to you to donate as much you can to make it viable.

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