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Independent media created by young activists and journalists

Media Scope Group is a venture of a group of young, energetic and active people creating new media.

Our first project is the Polish-language online magazine Alternatywa. The editorial staff is composed of a group of activists and journalists, people involved in public life. We support human rights in Poland, including student rights. We believe that well-informed public opinion is able to make better decisions. We also get involved by conducting the action. We are planning to launch the first major social campaign in Poland called School No Jungle, which will allow you to give opinions on schools and anonymously report any irregularities.

In the near future, we also want to launch an international version of the Alternative, which we are already working on. Almost every day, new volunteers come to us because we are an open platform for activists, journalists and all those who want to act.

Our online magazine (currently available in Polish):

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