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FuzzyBearBTC Commit bc6a5296a3:
added reference to where POS difficulty obtained
PP9QD3kQAG2kzHXYyASrDF2eWxZZB7Nsmb 4.34 PPC 16.8%
glv2 Commit 890eb50cf3:
Put all the results in the same table (probabilities and rewards).
Round the rewards to cent.
PWFNV1Cvq7nQBRyRueuYzwmDNXUGpgNkBC 8.63 PPC 33.5%
hoschiCZ Commit b6f875e18a:
added cs - CZ translation

I'm native speaker of Czech language.
PT82TvXbD4L3MKR1rfuBkdAnz31RZ9HRAw 8.54 PPC 33.2%
FuzzyBearBTC Commit 6b0db18abd:
correction on Czech link
PP9QD3kQAG2kzHXYyASrDF2eWxZZB7Nsmb 4.23 PPC 16.4%

Total amount: 25.74 PPC

Transaction sent on Thu, 18 Sep 2014 13:34:40 +0000