Recipient Reason Address Amount Percentage
FuzzyBearBTC Commit 02ce458c80:
cz to cs correction
PP9QD3kQAG2kzHXYyASrDF2eWxZZB7Nsmb 8.41 PPC 9.6%
seanybob Commit 7ea8725891:
revert 90 days hard-coded block, it's already taken care of elsewhere
PBme72BsXaphRQCdT2DK1wzMwnw7xrhJVX 8.33 PPC 9.5%
seanybob Commit cdd67c63c1:
cleanup the html
PBme72BsXaphRQCdT2DK1wzMwnw7xrhJVX 7.92 PPC 9.0%
FuzzyBearBTC Commit 516cce1bfb:
manually added nor trans
PP9QD3kQAG2kzHXYyASrDF2eWxZZB7Nsmb 7.61 PPC 8.6%
seanybob Commit f16b586a6a:
enforce probability maxed at 90 days in the algorithm.
PBme72BsXaphRQCdT2DK1wzMwnw7xrhJVX 8.25 PPC 9.4%
seanybob Commit 98295303e7:
add error message to inform user if they go over 90 days
PBme72BsXaphRQCdT2DK1wzMwnw7xrhJVX 8.16 PPC 9.3%
seanybob Commit 6983e23825:
remove unnecessary getparam with new translation live method
PBme72BsXaphRQCdT2DK1wzMwnw7xrhJVX 8.08 PPC 9.2%
seanybob Commit a8cc6c8c65:
make language translations live instead of requiring page reload (and thus losing the data user e...
PBme72BsXaphRQCdT2DK1wzMwnw7xrhJVX 8.00 PPC 9.1%
seanybob Commit 74872d89d3:
Dynamically pull the current POS difficulty using peerchain's api and YQL to bypass cross-origin-...
PBme72BsXaphRQCdT2DK1wzMwnw7xrhJVX 7.84 PPC 8.9%
seanybob Commit dd8a5582d5:
move translations to separate file
PBme72BsXaphRQCdT2DK1wzMwnw7xrhJVX 7.76 PPC 8.8%
seanybob Commit 6bdc5defc3:
fix variable redeclaration from function arguments.
PBme72BsXaphRQCdT2DK1wzMwnw7xrhJVX 7.69 PPC 8.7%

Total amount: 88.07 PPC

Transaction sent on Sun, 15 Feb 2015 13:49:53 +0000