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Tipping policies

Tipping policies

The level of tip will be adjusted based on the importance of the commit in question. Developers and testers with an established reputation of good work can arrange to be paid an hourly rate up to $90 an hour. If you have such an arrangement, resolve an issue and report the hours spent on it to me, you will be paid the PPC equivalent sum (or close to equivalent where Peer4commit doesn't support specifying an exact PPC or USD amount).

Rather than keeping a large pool of tips in reserve for development many months down the road, my perspective is that donors make donations with the expectation it will result in development, and I would rather meet that expectation sooner than later. If we produce good work with the donations, we will probably get more. The donated balance is not a long term savings account.

When Peershares team members are offered an hourly rate for their work as has been the case with work so far, they will not be eligible for a tip.

(Last updated on Tue, 20 May 2014 20:54:57 +0000)

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